ACT Owner Builder Course

How do I purchase ACT Owner Builder course?

Click on the red button below labelled "Purchase ACT Owner Builder Course" and it will take you to the purchase page for the owner-builder course.

Industry requirements

In order to become an Owner Builder in the ACT, you must complete these three courses:

  1. an Approved ACT Owner Builder Course,
  2. an Approved Asbestos Awareness Course and
  3. a construction induction White card.

The ABE ACT Owner-Builder Course, developed with the assistance of industry experts, is approved by the Environment Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate EPSDD Authority and will provide you with the educational requirements mandated to apply for your owner-builder permit.

Our courses are hosted on an award winning online LMS platform and our goal is to provide you with a flexible training program that gets you the training you need when and where you need it 24/7.

At registration we assist by introducing you to specialist owner builder insurance brokers who guarantee best prices for your mandatory and highly recommended project insurances including public liability insurance.

The ABE Education CEO is a builder/ project manager and an expert witness in building disputes. He is a sitting member on national building standards and also co-authored ‘Your Home 99 Q&As Form The Experts’  which answers all the questions people ask when they are buying, selling, building or renovating a home or an investment property.

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