10274NAT Course in Preparation for QLD Owner Builder Permit


Yes it does.  ABE Education is approved by the QBCC to deliver the QLD Course in Preparation for Owner Builder Permit 10274NAT and which is done fully online
If the value of work (labour and materials, Inc. GST) exceeds $11,000, you MUST provide evidence (OUR Certificate) to the QBCC in order to apply for an owner builder permit, which allows you to build;
  • build a new home
  • renovate, alter or extend an existing home
  • build a garage, carport or residential shed
  • build a swimming pool for residential use
  • build a pergola or entertainment area for residential use.
The QBCC and Workcover QLD require all QLD owner builders to complete an Asbestos Awareness training course if renovating a house built before 1990.

ABE Education have co-developed a comprehensive Asbestos Awareness course with Edway Training RTO No 91401, which trains you to identify where asbestos may be present, what types they might be and how to deal with it safely and which is done fully online, for $85


Important: QLD White Card
NB* The QBCC and Workcover QLD require all QLD owner builders to complete a QLD White Card training CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry qualification, which we offer with our third-party RTO Express Online Training (RTO No 40592) for $175 online.

Course Code: CPCCWHS1001

Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

Valid for work in: Australia (All States)

Worksafe section 316 (b) of the WH&S Regulation states

If you already hold a White Card that has been issued:
less than 2 years ago, you will be able to complete our QLD Owner Builder Course and apply for an Owner Builder Permit using your existing White Card
2 or more years ago, and you have not been working in the construction industry, you will need to complete a current White Card Course in addition to the QLD Owner Builder Course in order to be able to apply for an Owner Builder Permit.
Our courses are hosted on an award winning online LMS platform and our goal is to provide you with a flexible training program that gets you the training you need when and where you need it 24/7. Upon successful completion your Certificate is emailed to you.
At registration we offer to introduce you to our specialist owner builder insurance broker for your mandatory and highly recommended project insurances including public liability and which must be put in place before project commencement.
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