Project Advisory Pack

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Course overview
Our $89 Project Advisory Pack serves as an invaluable aid for your project build and was developed by industry experts. It includes the Project Budget Estimator, a fully automated Excel spreadsheet that I developed as a project manager for hundreds of my owner builder projects.

It allows you to compare your estimated project budget with actual costs in real time as you proceed through your project and is simple to use.
You insert the various trade activities and your corresponding estimated allowance, the calculator automatically adds a 20% contingency factor to serve as your total budget allowance. As you let each of the trades you input their quoted contract sum You can then track any variations and constantly be up-to-date with the total Adjusted Contract sum. Progress claims can be tracked here as a percentage and the total amount paid to date is calculated. The outstanding contract amount is automatically calculated here.

Also included in the pack is a 56 page comprehensive assessment on how to maximise energy and water efficiencies both inside and outside your property that go way beyond the minimum energy rating requirements in your State.

With the cost of electricity soaring it’s a no-brainer that you would want to know as many opportunities to save energy before your build. Topics covered include sustainable building design with all of these topics covered in considerable detail including helpful videos. Energy management covering solar and the most efficient lighting and air conditioning, which include links to government appliance testing websites. Water management covering a host of issues including maximising energy efficiency in pools. A wealth of remaining topics including a comprehensive overview on contract terms with plain English definitions and how to scope out individual trades such as bricklaying and waterproofing so that you obtain like-for- like quotations.

The Project Advisory Pack comes with a customisable Project Budget Estimator & Contracts Calculator to help you progressively monitor various trades, the corresponding contract value, your remaining funds and the amounts owing. In addition to this, receive information on project design, sustainability, insurance and much more, to give you the edge required to save money and ensure your project is a success. At $89.00 the downloadable documents provide huge value and high-quality information.
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