TAS Building Practitioners CPD Courses

Keystone Training Subsidy

All modules are completed online from the comfort of your home or office and from any location. Upon completion, participants will promptly receive a record of their training.

Persons working in the Tasmanian building industry may be eligible for a Funding Rebate.

Am I eligible for subsidy!

Eligible organisations and any training attendees MUST have completed the CPD course and be registered with Keystone Tasmania to apply for funding. REGISTER NOW!

Why you need building industry CPD points

All TAS building practitioners including building service providers, plumbers, electricians, gas fitters have to do CBOS approved CPD as part of their license renewal.
ABE Education is CBOS approved CPD provider ensuring that building industry practitioners keep up to date with industry information, including technical, safety, sustainable products, systems and technologies and legal responsibilities. This benefits both you and your customers and helps keep legal disputes to a minimum.
ABE Education specialises in the building industry as it’s CEO is also a licenced builder and understands building practitioner needs.
ABE Education is an approved CPD provider with TAS CBOS. Under the Building Services Work Determination 2019 Act all building practitioners, designers, architects, electricians, plumbers and demolishers must complete CPD and retain a record of proof for any completed CPD activities, and which are audited for license renewal. ABE Education approved CPD courses are suitable for all accredited licence categories and are delivered fully online.


Keystone System shutdown for upgrade – Monday 24 June 2024
Keystone System back on line Monday - 08 July 2024
You cannot submit funding applications during this time!

CALL KEYSTONE to confirm eligibility, training subsidy and the level of rebate on 1800 578 663

You MUST apply for Keystone training subsidy 3 DAYS PRIOR to course commencement.
(i.e. prior to completing the course and having your certificate issued) You MUST also be a Sole Trader with ABN Number or work under a Company to receive funding.

The following courses
are ONLY suitable to the following practitioners.
Building practitioners, Building Designers, Architects, Demolishers
Building Surveyors and Engineers

NOT Plumbers or Electricians.
Scroll down for courses available for Plumbers and Electricians.

Building Practitioner Courses - 12 CPD Pt Bundles

Additional TAS Building Practitioner CPD Courses

Plumbing Practitioner Course - 12 CPD Pt Bundle

The following courses are suitable to the following practitioner

Scroll down for Electrician Practitioner Bundles

Additional Plumbing Practitioner CPD Courses

Electrical Practitioner Course - 12 CPD Pt Bundle

The following courses are suitable to the following practitioners

Additional Electrical Practitioner CPD Courses

ABE Education with industry experts, have developed TAS CPD courses to provide building industry participants with comprehensive and practical information guides to improve building standards and professionalism in the industry. There are a broad range of industry-specific CPD programs available, each offering a different number of CPD points and all approved by CBOS for builders, electricians and plumbers.
When you renew your licence, you will need to confirm on your application that you have undertaken
Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
Builders, plumbers and electricians must gain 36 CPD points during a 3-year period. When a 3-year license is due to be renewed, the building practitioner must demonstrate that they obtained 36 CPD points.
Builders (all categories), electricians and plumbers with a 3 year licence can obtain all their CPD points in one go.
Your course certificates will be avaiable for download upon course completion to serve as your record of attendance. Its that simple!
You can also individually select your own CPD courses below.
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