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Why you need NSW Fair Trading recognised building industry CPD points

All NSW builders or pool builders including both individuals and the personnel of companies must complete annual CPD in order to renew their licence.
ABE Education NSW Fair Trading recognised CPD ensures that builders keep up to date with industry information, including technical safety, sustainable products, systems and technologies and legal responsibilities. This benefits both you and your customers helps keep legal disputes to a minimum.
Even builders who only work part time and want to keep their building license must maintain their CPD points.
What Courses are available for CPD points?
The courses currently available online include:
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Your CPD Obligations for your Builders License

Fair Trading doesn't keep records of your CPD points, so the onus is on you to keep a diary record of your CPD activities, along with certificates you receive. You are required to keep these for 3 license periods and produce them if you're audited by Fair Trading.
Without the required CPD points, you won't be able to renew your license. Under the Home Building Act, CPD must be completed before approval of any licence or certificate. Fair Trading will refuse your application until you have completed the necessary CPD points.
If you have falsely claimed to have CPD points when you renew your license, Fair Trading may cancel it and in some circumstances even take disciplinary action against you. It's a criminal offence to deliberately make a false of misleading statement on your application for renewal or restoration of your licence or certificate.


"The information provided taught me things I was never aware of, this has also assisted me in my skills as a tradesperson as I can utilise this new found knowledge within my area of work. Being online was more suitable for me as I could complete the modules in my own time."

Carlo Itskos


"The module structure was the best aspect as was having information to call on immediately to complete the tasks in the course. Instant feedback on progress and clear instructions made the learning progress enjoyable."

James Monahan


"Enabled me to learn points that i was previously unaware of, and found the training excellent."

Graeme Hackett


"It is generally well laid out and it was possible to answer questions without going to outside materials."

Victor Fattoretto


"I was very pleased at the way the course was presented and set out and the encouraging help I got when I had difficulty navigating through the site."

Neville Waters


"Good phone support, excellent online email support, clear and concise system of evaluation, able to work at own pace, small bite sized quiz blocks, reliable interface for my slow internet connection, support staff welcomed my comments and suggestions, after being demoralized by 20 hours of ABACUS dysfunctional web systems I wish I knew about you folks first and not lose my money to them."

David Macdonald

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Some of your Questions Answered

How can I be sure I can complete the course?

Getting you certified so you can start building your house is our goal, so If you're struggling with your course, contact support and we'll help you get through it. All you really need is a command of English and some basic computer skills.

What if I want to change the course I'm doing?

Once you have purchased your course we cannot change it and there is no refund. So please carefully read the course topic before you purchase.

What sort of help do you provide?

Our goal is to get you certified, so we are happy to help make your learning experience better along the way. If you need immediate help, you can call us during business hours 02 9798500 or you can submit an online enquiry throughout enquiry portal 24/7. At ABE Education we pride ourselves on our prompt response.
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