WA Real Estate CPD Courses

CPD points are accrued by taking part in mandatory and elective training activities that are DMIRS approved all written by industry experts.
The CPD program operates on an annual cycle January1 to December 31.

In each year, registrants and licensees must accumulate a total of at least 10 points of CPD activities.

Of these 10 points, 3 points must be earned from the Mandatory activities and the remaining 7 or more points from approved Elective CPD activities.

If you are a new licensee or sales representative you may be exempt from completing CPD for more information, please visit the DMIRS CPD program page.
Our current elective online CPD courses attract 7.5 CPD points for real estate practitioners for the current year.

ABE Education is a DMIRS approved CPD training provider for the Elective topics, which are fully online and there are no assessments or exams required, just engaging content that keeps you interested all the way.
Once you have purchased your selected courses you will receive a tax invoice, the various CPD self-assessment courses and your Certificates of course completion by email.

We offer a 7.5 CPD point discounted Elective bundle or you can select courses individually.

Do I need to keep records of my CPD training

Yes. Although ABE Education will record your training with DMIRS, you are also required to keep records of your attendance.

You need to keep records of your training for a period of 4 years but don’t worry as ABE Education keeps a permanent record of your training.

What if I do not accrue 10 CPD points each calendar year

W.A. legislation makes it compulsory for all real estate and business broking agents, sales representatives and property managers to comply with the CPD program before 31st of December each year. Failure to do so may result in a penalty of up to $5000 or license renewal or registration being denied and/or have conditions placed.

WA Real Estate CPD - 7.5 pt Bundle

Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention | Open Homes - Best Practice | Sales Process - Close the Deal | Auction Sales Mastery Buy all WA Real Estate CPD Topics for $399

Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention - Online [ABEED11]

Our online Cyber Security CPD course will help you understand how to prevent cyber threats, mitigate risk of exposure to cyber-attacks and fraudulent activity.

Auction Sales Mastery - Online [ABEED10]

Outclass your competition with a finely tuned skill set to perform winning auction campaigns

Sales Process — Close the deal – Online [ABEED09]

Coaches you from first to final stages of the sale. Get the business, guide the business and grow the business through a precision process.

Open Homes – Best practice – Online [ABEED08]

Learn how to build numbers at your open home events and turn them into networking venues for future business.

Advertising for Business Agents - Online [ABEED07]

You can be compliant and communicate your vendor's assets beautifully at the same time. Learn how maximise your marketing without misrepresentation.

Appraisals for Business Agents - Online [ABEED06]

Become a listing machine with the advantage of learning better processes and procedures to back up your sales talent.

Adapting to a COVID Safe Business [ABEED05]

This course informs you about the requirements and legislation associated with running a COVID Safe Real Estate Business. It provides guidance on identifying risks and how to create a COVID Safe Business Plan.

Announcing Material Facts [ABEED04]

This course sets out the obligations for disclosure of information and material facts in real estate practice and ensures that you are familiar with the appropriate legislation, roles and responsibilities.

Attitude for Altitude – Perfecting Presentations [ABEED03]

This course demystifies the art of presenting in real estate, utilising general business skills and techniques in the real estate context.

Applying WHS Principles in the Property Industry [ABEED02]

This course breaks down the important components of Work Health and Safety in the real estate industry.

Activating Team Performance - Online [ABEED01]

This course is a must if you want to improve the ways that your teams perform. Understand your team's performance and give feedback at the right time and in the right way.