Sustainability Courses

Licensed builders are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a condition of their licence renewal. Consider completing your CPD by learning about sustainable building.

This CPD Module consists of 3 topics worth 4 points* each and addresses the importance of sustainable building. It provides practical advice, and through the use of short videos on glazing, insulation, orientation, shading, solar energy, thermal mass, ventilation and water, provides information and tips on how to build a sustainable home. Earn a total of 12 CPD Points.

Energy and water management

Energy management, energy efficient appliances, solar energy, lighting options & indoor and outdoor water management.

Sustainability & the government

Learn about the importance of sustainable building, adapting to climate change, energy efficiency, the NCC and industry initiatives.

Sustainable building design

Learn how sustainable building design can be achieved using orientation, positioning, solar design, thermal mass, insulation and window selection.