QLD Owner Builder Course

39291QLD Course in Preparation for Owner Builder Permit


How do I purchase QLD Owner Builder course?

Click on the red button below labelled "Enrol for Online Learning" and it will take you to the purchase page for the owner-builder course.
NOTE: If you wish to add an enrolment into the White Card course, that will be offered upon completion of the owner-builder course for a separate payment of $39.00, so the total cost will be $227 for the owner-builder and White Card course.

In order to become an owner-builder in QLD, you must complete the 39291QLD Course in Preparation for Owner Builder Permit. The ABE QLD Owner-Builder Course is prescribed by the QLD Building and Construction Commission and will provide you with the educational requirements mandated to apply for your owner-builder permit.

IMPORTANT: A construction induction White Card is a mandatory requirement by QLD Work Safe for all QLD owner builders.

Method of delivery

The course is delivered completely online, accessible at any time, from any location with an active internet connection. Make the most of the downloadable content for offline access, and use as a reference tool throughout the duration of your project. Also take advantage of the additional tips and links to successfully complete your owner-built home.

Enrol into ABE Education’s online owner-builder course today and study at a pace which suits your lifestyle and commitments. 

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