NSW Building CPD Courses

5 key areas of Construction

5 key areas of construction safety including fall prevention, moving plant, electrical safety, form work safety & risks of asbestos.

Building CPD Admin | 24 Pt Package

A package of 24pt CPD courses

Communication & customer service

Learn about advertising, first impressions, customer service, the communication process, effective listening & running meetings.

Compliance, legislation and installation

Window wind loads, thermal comfort, bushfire attack levels, BCA provisions, strata schemes, correct installation & care and defective operation.

Contract types, documentation & administration

Learn about the different types of contracts, documentation, administration, extension of times, suspension of works & ending a contract.

Effective window design & performance

Window design including glass thickness, lamination, insulation & glazing, films, conduction, energy ratings, weather tightness & noise.

Employment law

Learn about the Fair Work Act and the national workplace system, minimum wage, modern awards, enterprise agreements and workplace rights.

Energy and water management

Energy management, energy efficient appliances, solar energy, lighting options & indoor and outdoor water management.

Introduction to contracts

Contract law, regulatory requirements, contract scope, unfair terms, classification of terms, real case studies and contract term definitions.

Introduction to termites

Termite identification and behaviour, risk, termite resistant design & material, statutory requirements and high-risk termite sites.

Negotiation, conflicts & disputes

Learn the negotiation process, unfair practices, causes of conflict, conflict resolution, dispute avoidance & dealing with complaints.

NSW Building CPD (36 points)

Builder CPD - 36 points

NSW Home Building Act

Provides information on the NSW Home Building Act, contracts, licences, warranties, disputes & claims, disciplinary proceedings and actions.

Planning your business & work

Planning & setting up your business, covers developing a business plan, establishing contracting relationships, GST, TAX & record keeping.

Programming & report writing

This topic addresses project planning, programming, developing Gantt charts, estimating, scheduling, monitoring, & report writing.

Safety documents & common WHS issues

WHS workplace documents and addresses issues such as manual handling, noise, lead, mould, PPE and emergency procedures.

Security of payments

Security of Payment Act: the adjudication process, key documents & process, enforcing determinations and definitions within the Act.

Sustainability & the government

Learn about the importance of sustainable building, adapting to climate change, energy efficiency, the NCC and industry initiatives.

Sustainable building design

Learn how sustainable building design can be achieved using orientation, positioning, solar design, thermal mass, insulation and window selection.

Termite management for builders

A step by step guide to termite management including assessing site & design risk, selecting & installing management systems and preventing problems.

The Building Code of Australia

Looks at the Australian Standards, HBA warranties, certification of work, litigation & complaints and Building & Construction Industry Code 2014.

Understanding Legislation: Waste Management Planning

Unwrap the National Waste Policy for builders and receive clear guidance on a builder's responsibilities under the policy

Understanding Waste Strategies to Minimise Waste

Explore the categories of renewable waste and receive practical guidance on waste management planning

Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention

Our online Cyber Security CPD course will help you understand how to prevent cyber threats, mitigate risk of exposure to cyber-attacks and fraudulent activity.

Compliance & legislation

Learn about WHS laws, licensing requirements, first aid regulation, managing safety in the workplace, hazards, risks & WHS control measures.