All Tasmanian property agents and representatives must undertake a minimum of 8 points of The Property Agents Board approved CPD in each licence year (1 July and before 30 June).

ABE Education has many years of delivering approved State based CPD courses and we have used industry experts to develop our real estate industry CPD courses, which are approved by The Board.

All ABE Education CPD courses are delivered fully online, can be completed at any time from any online device and have no time limit on completion. There are no Zoom meetings involved and all of our courses involve reading short content and then answering multiple choice questions, with multiple reattempts permitted.

Undertaking mandated CPD is critical in building and maintaining professionalism within your industry. Adherence to meeting the 8 points of CPD is a condition of your licence renewal and failure to comply will likely result in your licence not being renewed and/ or further conditions being imposed on it.
The TAS Board requires that a minimum of 2 CPD points have to be obtained from an external provider, which means you can complete all your CPD training with ABE education.
ABE Education training packages are flexible and can provide 2 to 8 CPD points so that all you need for your CPD year can be obtained from one single place.
If audited it is your responsibility to provide evidence of your CPD completion. As you complete each ABE Education approved CPD course your certificates are emailed to you, including The Board approved course code number and serve as your record of attendance. ABE Education keeps a permanent record of all certificates and we use your license expiry date to send you reminders that it’s time to do more CPD - making it easier for you not to forget.

We offer a discounted 8 point CPD pack ($349) including the topics listed below
PLEASE NOTE: only for agents who haven't completed this bundle in the last year can purchase. You can purchase individual topics listed below.

  • Exceeding Customer Service in Real Estate - 1.5 points
  • Motivating Teams - 1.5 points
  • Presenting for Success - 1.5 points
  • Risk Management Refresher Essentials for Real Estate - 0.5 points
  • Sales Prospecting in Real Estate - 1.5 points
  • Time Management for Busy Agents - 1.5 points

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