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Method of delivery

The course is delivered completely online, accessible at any time, from any location with an active internet connection. Make the most of the downloadable content for offline access, and use as a reference tool throughout the duration of your project. Also take advantage of the additional tips and links to successfully complete your owner-built home.

NOTE: If you wish to add an enrolment into the White Card course, that will be offered upon completion of the owner-builder course for a separate payment of $39, this is in addition to the cost of this course and is delivered by a separate provider.

There are good reasons that people love the owner builder course ...
  • Free enrolment. You only pay when you've passed the course
  • Access your courses on all devices, anywhere, any time.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Intuitive, user friendly courses.
  • Your information is safe and secure.
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why complete an owner builder course?

If you want to oversee your renovations or construction work, or save money by doing the work or hiring in different contractors, you need to complete the owner builder course and become certified as an owner builder.

As an owner-builder, you'll be as responsible for the work as a fully licensed builder would be and so you need to know your responsibilities, such as:

  • Getting the necessary council and authority approvals.
  • Ensuring the work and those working on it are properly insured.
  • Ensuring taxation is paid by workers employed on the building site.
  • Understanding the Workers Compensation Act and the Work Health and Safety Act.
  • Providing a safe work environment.
  • Dealing with hazardous materials.

Failure to understand and comply with these requirements can result in severe penalties including even imprisonment in some circumstances

Are there restrictions on what you can do with an Owner Builder Permit?

Some important things to know about your Owner Builder Permit:
  • An owner-builder permit is not a building licence. It only allows you to work on the project covered by the development application or complying development certificate.
  • An owner-builder permit doesn't enable you to do specialist work like electrical, gasfitting, plumbing or airconditioning and refrigeration work. This must be completed by someone who holds the necessary license.
  • You can only get one owner-builder permit within any five-year period, unless the application and any earlier permit relate to the same land, or there are special circumstances to be taken into consideration.
  • You should have the building work inspected during construction, either by council or an accredited certifier to ensure it meets national building standards.
  • It's also your responsibility to ensure that tradespeople who will do work costing over $5,000 hold a Fair Trading license for the work they are doing. This applies to those you are hiring directly and those who are subcontracted to a builder you are hiring.
  • When you contract either a builder or tradesperson and the price (including materials they supply) is over $20,000, they must provide home building compensation cover.

Industry Requirements for Owner Builder Permits in different states

ACT Industry requirement
In order to become an owner-builder in ACT, you must complete an approved owner-builder course. The ABE ACT Owner-Builder Course, developed with the assistance of industry experts, is approved by the Office of Regulatory Services and will provide you with the educational requirements mandated to apply for your owner-builder permit.
Tasmanian Industry requirement
In order to become an owner-builder in TAS, you must complete an approved owner-builder course. The ABE TAS Owner-Builder Course is approved by Workplace Standards Tasmania and will provide you with the educational requirements mandated to apply for your owner-builder permit.
WA Industry requirement
In order to become an owner-builder in WA, you must complete an approved owner-builder course.
IMPORTANT: A construction induction White Card is a mandatory requirement for Owner Builders in New South Wales and Tasmania. The White card is available from this website at an additional change delivered by one of our partner RTOs

Selling the Home You have worked on with an Owner Builder Permit

If you want to sell the home you worked on as an owner-builder within seven and a half years, you are legally obligated to let the buyer know. A note must be included in the contract for sale stating that an owner-builder permit was issued in relation to the land (on the date it was issued).

As an owner-builder, you must guarantee the work you were responsible for. In the event that it is faulty, the person who buys the property from you can take you to a tribunal ( like the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and enforce their statutory warranty rights.

Become an Owner Builder from just $165
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What people say about ABE Education

"I thought the course was very well presented and gave me confidence to progress as an owner builder."
Ann Ye Koo Park
"All aspects of the training were very good. Right from my first phone contact with Dominic, things were explained, to the email correspondence, which was prompt and precise. I feel "what I see" is "what I got" plus more. I would recommend this course to others."
Neil Stock
"The module structure was the best aspect as was having information to call on immediately to complete the tasks in the course. Instant feedback on progress and clear instructions made the learning progress enjoyable."
James Monahan
"I was very pleased at the way the course was presented and set out and the encouraging help I got when I had difficulty navigating through the site."
Neville Waters
"Enabled me to learn points that i was previously unaware of, and found the training excellent."
Graeme Hackett
"Good phone support, excellent online email support, clear and concise system of evaluation, able to work at own pace, small bite sized quiz blocks, reliable interface for my slow internet connection, support staff welcomed my comments and suggestions, after being demoralized by 20 hours of ABACUS dysfunctional web systems I wish I knew about you folks first and not lose my money to them."
David Macdonald

Some of your Questions Answered

How can I be sure I can complete the course?
Getting you certified so you can start building your house is our goal, so If you're struggling with your course, contact support and we'll help you get through it. All you really need is a command of English and some basic computer skills.
What if I want to change the course I'm doing?
No problem. You only pay when you complete the course, so simply enrol in the course you want to change to and start working through it. There are no penalties or additional charges for changing.
What sort of help do you provide?
Our goal is to get you certified, so we are happy to help make your learning experience better along the way. If you need immediate help, you can click on the chat button in your interface and someone will help you right away
Become an Owner Builder from just $165
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